Transportation of full and partial loads by road to Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan as well as within the European Union. UAB KPT Group forms the most optimal cargo transportation route that allows optimizing transport costs. We offer a large fleet of road vehicles, we provide cargo transportation services of various sizes on international routes. We will ensure extremely precise deadlines for sending and receiving cargo according to a strict schedule. Each route is planned individually, so the optimal freight costs are achieved. Experienced team will provide prompt and detailed information about the movement of cargo and ensure maximum cargo safety.

UAB KPT Group provides non-standard, special requirements and dangerous goods transportation services, performs food and liquid product transportation tasks. we offer shipments of various danger ADR classes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9.

Transportation of cargo by water is one of the most economical methods, recommended in case the time of cargo transportation does not play a decisive role. Standard and non-compliant cargo is transported by ships, and extremely high capacity allows heavy and bulky cargo to be transported. Reliable containers protect against physical damage and allow transportation of products in various physical states, e. g. solid, bulk and liquid materials. After evaluating the amount of individual cargo and its individual dimensions, transport containers of different sizes are selected. UAB KPT Group cooperates with reliable partners, provides full containers and partial cargo transportation services. Cargo transportation is carried out by the country’s waterways and seas. A well-developed logistics infrastructure ensures that all issues related to maritime transport services are resolved smoothly and expeditiously. The maritime transport experts working in the company, having assessed the characteristics of a specific cargo and the customer’s expectations, offer efficient, practical and competitive solutions that realize the needs of a specific industry and individual customer. We provide container delivery services to (from) seaports, documentation, related to cargo transportation, perform the tasks of a customs broker, provide fully developed infrastructure services, organize cargo collection and delivery works.

UAB KPT Group provides professional air logistics services. Cargo transportation is carried out to all countries of the world, flying standard, oversized, dangerous and temperature-requiring cargo. The company provides cargo document preparation and customs brokerage services. At the customer’s request, we perform cargo warehousing, sorting and packing works, organize cargo pick-up and delivery tasks. Air freight is the fastest and safest way to transport multimodal cargo, with a special focus on urgent, perishable, dangerous and high-value cargo. Cargo transportation can be carried out in various directions of the world, realizing the requirements of minimum delivery terms, i. y. air transport and the developed infrastructure make it possible to cover extremely long distances in the shortest possible time.

UAB KPT Group fills in customs documents, takes care of customs duties and provides other services related to customs procedures. We offer cargo warehousing and customs brokerage services. UAB KPT Group prepares customs documents, takes care of import, export and transit procedures, fills in CMR and TIR books, prepares TIR electronic data. The company represents clients in customs, assists in obtaining the necessary permits, certificates and attestations, takes care of the control of customs procedures and advises on all issues of customs documentation and formalities. Customs broker services – facilitates complex customs procedures, ensures smooth transportation and warehousing works.

We offer reliable cargo insurance services. Experienced specialists, after assessing the characteristics of a particular cargo and individual customer expectations, offer the most optimal insurance services and consult on all insurance issues. In cooperation with reliable insurance companies and taking into account all the subtleties of the planned transportation, KPT Group offers the most affordable insurance prices. The main purpose of insurance services is to ensure the safety of the transported cargo. Cargo insurance services may cover all hazards that are threatened during a particular insurance or the main risks of damage and destruction of cargo. Additional cargo insurance reduces the risk of cargo damage and protects against additional losses when transporting high-value goods.