Our success lies in the collective ability of our team to provide our customers with the best solutions and to implement them as efficiently as possible. We are constantly looking for the best and most efficient solutions that will help our customers deliver goods reliably and, at the same time, reduce costs.

We are active participants in the freight and transportation market and adhere to the highest standards of professional integrity. By maintaining excellent relationships with transport associations and reliable partners, KPT Group easily adapts to any changes in transportation rules.

Our company provides all transportation services, so we can offer customers a solution that meets the needs of cargo transportation. In addition, we make it much easier and faster than other forwarding companies.

Why us?

We have more than 7 years of experience working with international and local freight companies. Therefore, we have already selected the best service providers who are able to ensure quality and who can be relied on. We offer our customers only the best and most reliable logistics solutions.